APACC visits MARA Japan Industrial Institute (MJII), the first ever on-site visit of an institution under MARA, Malaysia
Prime Polytechnic PIS Malaysia Pursues to Maintain Quality Mark, Submits for APACC Reaccreditation
Quality assurance drive continues in Thailand as UVC goes for APACC accreditation
PUO, Malaysia continues quality improvement journey through first APACC on-site revisit
Romblon National Institute of Technology visited by APACC for the Third Time
TESDA Women’s Center Undergoes APACC On-Site Visit for the Fourth Time
APACC conducts onsite visit in Siam Business Administration Nonthaburi Technological College
KVC becomes 3rd college in Thailand to undergo APACC accreditation
APACC assures Quality TVET, Holds the first batch of On-Site Visits in Thailand
APACC Intensifies Accreditation Activities in India, Visits Three Institutions in Delhi
APACC continues quality assurance drive in Eastern Samar, visits SNSAT
Quezon National Agricultural School Undergoes On-Site Revisit for APACC Reaccreditation
APACC, CTEVT hold fourth International Accreditors’ Training in Nepal