POLISAS Continues its Quality Journey with APACC Reaccreditation Activity
PSAS Malaysia Reaffirms its Quality Journey with APACC Reaccreditation Exercise
IRPCT’s Road to APACC Certification Commences with On-Site Visit
Concepcion Vocational School Aims for Improved Accreditation Standing, Gets Revisited by APACC for the Fourth Time
APACC and MNCEA jointly conduct Capacity Building Program on APACC Criteria and Process of Accreditation and Certification
Home News APACC visits PCET, Mongolia for the second time for institutional re-evaluation
KKTM Ledang Becomes the Third MARA Institute to Undergo APACC Accreditation
APACC President meets MARA Officials, presents APACC awards to two institutions under MARA
PSA, Malaysia Continues to Show Passion for Excellence with APACC
Eleven Accreditors participate in Third APACC International Accreditors’ Refresher Training held in CTEVT, Nepal
APACC and PSSCIVE, India jointly conduct the Second APACC International Accreditors’ Refresher Training
Association of APACC Accreditees (AAA) meets for the third time in Songkhla, Thailand to discuss areas for collaboration
Sixteen Accreditors Attend First Refresher Training on APACC Instrument and Procedures
Simeon Suan Vocational and Technical College aims to be the first APACC accredited institution in Mindoro
KKTM Kuantan Showcases the Best of its Institution during APACC's Onsite Visit