APACC member countries (MCs) entered into the voluntary Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with APACC concerning mutual support to advance the core principles of accreditation and certification of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) systems for human resource development (HRD) in Asia and the Pacific Region.

In signing the MOA, the parties agreed to:
  1. promote the objectives and goals of APACC as a mechanism to encourage TVET systems for HRD such as Polytechnic Colleges, Technical Colleges, Vocational Training Institutions, Tertiary and Secondary Schools, TVET Modules of Universities, and others, to undergo a self-study evaluation under APACC procedures and standards;
  2. identify opportunities for prescriptive directions towards encouraging TVET systems for HRD in member countries to undertake accreditation and certification by APACC;
  3. identify TVET systems for HRD under the purview of the MC to apply for accreditation and certification by APACC; and
  4. tap qualified local accreditors, in addition to already-identified National Coordinator for Accreditation (NCA) from the MC, who may be trained on APACC accreditation procedures as would-be accreditors for scheduled accreditation activities in the MC.
Sample MOA