The CPSC Seoul Declaration 2004 established the regional accreditation and certification body now known as the Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC), with CPSC as the lead organization.  In compliance with this mandate, APACC shall perform the following:
  1. Develop accreditation criteria, evaluation instruments, processes and   protocols for the accreditation of TVET institutions;
  2. Establish linkages or partnership with national accrediting agencies of member countries;
  3. Recruit, train, retrain and develop a pool of Accreditors on a full-time or on-call basis;
  4. Conduct accreditation and certify the corresponding accreditation status earned among TVET institutions in Asia and the Pacific region, giving priority to CPSC member countries;
  5. Directly provide services or seek other sources of funds and resources to carry out the program of accreditation and certification; and
  6. Be a source of "good practices" for the promotion of quality in TVET systems.
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